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NAMELESS Looks Set to Feature at Future CoD Events But Not as a Competitor

It looks like Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler could be working as part of the CWL Seattle broadcast team if his hunt for a new Call of Duty WWII team continues to be fruitless.

As one of the longest serving professional players in the Call of Duty Esports scene, NAMELESS has been involved in just about every major event since the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare days.

Unfortunately he currently finds himself teamless after he was removed from Evil Geniuses following a disappointing first season in the CWL Pro League and a particularly sub-par 17th – 20th at the CWL Birmingham Open.

NAMELESS had been a part of the Evil Geniuses organization since the release of Infinite Warfare in late 2016 but never achieved the sort of success that he found earlier in his career in games like Ghosts. He played in the online North American Relegation Qualifier alongside the likes of Dylan ‘Theory’ McGee but the pickup team was unsuccessful, finishing in 9th – 12th, and does not look likely to stick together for future competitions.

Since his removal from EG, NAMELESS has made it clear on a number of occasions that he doesn’t plan on trying to play at CWL Seattle with a team that he doesn’t have confidence in, and on April 15th he reiterated that point by saying he was “open to coaching a squad” and didn’t “see a point in going through open with a lackluster team”. 

But it looks like he could now be attending the CWL Seattle event in an entirely different capacity as MLG’s Adam Apicella jumped on the opportunity to add him to the broadcast team – an idea that NAMELESS seemed more than open to.




While the analyst desk at any Call of Duty event would only get better with the addition of NAMELESS, it is clear that he would prefer to continue competing if at all possible.

However, James ‘Replays’ Crowder proved that joining the broadcast team for a period of time certainly doesn’t spell the end for your career when he returned from taking virtually all of 2016 and 2017 off to go on and win the CWL Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs with FaZe Clan in April of 2018.

Whatever NAMELESS decides to do, his veteran Call of Duty knowledge and experience will surely make him a big asset. There is also still a chance that he will find himself on a Pro League team after CWL Seattle, with a small transfer window opening up between that event and the start of the CWL Pro League Season 2.


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