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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

NAF's Most Famous OpTic Match Gave His Liquid Teammates Full Confidence in the cs_summit 2 Grand Final

Team Liquid’s Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken has talked about his teammate Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic and explained that the Canadian’s most famous match for OpTic Gaming gave him full confidence in the cs_summit 2 Grand Final. NAF joined Team Liquid from Renegades on February 5th after a five month tenure with Renegades that saw the majority Australian roster pick up some of their best ever results.

However, the 20 year old is best known for his almost two years under the OpTic Gaming banner which came to an end in September 2017 after the organization moved to a European roster. During his short stint with Renegades, NAF produced the form that he has always been capable of but with a consistency that had never been present in the past. Presumably it was that constant high level of play that made him such an attractive prospect to Team Liquid; with a tournament win in their first ever LAN outing with the new roster, it would appear that they made the right choice.

Their cs_summit 2 victory over Cloud9 was a shock to many, especially considering the fact that Cloud9 had a one map advantage due to their winners bracket run and had defeated Liquid in a comfortable 2-0 during that run. However, one person that had full confidence going into the final map was Twistzz, who remembered one of NAF’s best ever matches and had full faith in him repeating it.  

  OpTic Gaming defeated Astralis in the ELEAGUE Season 2 Grand Finals back in December of 2016 to claim one of the most surprising upset victories in CS:GO history. One of the things that made that win a possibility was NAF’s incredible 34-14 performance on the final map, Overpass. With Overpass being the final map for Team Liquid against Cloud9 at cs_summit 2, Twistzz claims that he had a strong feeling that NAF would hit a similar level. And the youngest member of the team was right - NAF took control against the reigning Major Champions and produced a 29-17 game with over 117 ADR to close out the series and take the title.

Images: DreamHack / Beyond The Summit