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Archive • Mar 03, 2018

Nadeshot Smashes His Headset in Frustration After Dying on Fortnite

There's something very entertaining about seeing someone smash a piece of equipment in frustration. The internet is filled with videos of people losing their minds after something goes wrong in a game, and simply destroying the nearest piece of equipment with controllers, monitors, keyboards, mice and headset the usual culprits.

There's something special about watching a high profile personality do it though, because it shows they're human, and that even if your life seems perfect and you have all the money in the world, you can still get incredibly angry when someone outplays you. On the evening of Friday, March 2nd it was the turn of Matt 'Nadeshot' Haag to let the game of Fortnite get to him, and in the process, we saw his headset explode into tiny pieces.

The former professional Call of Duty player, successful YouTuber and 100 Thieves organization owner was just at the start of his Fortnite game and was attempting to navigate Tilted Towers when he was shot in the back chasing someone. Unfortunately for Nadeshot the guy/girl he was chasing turned around and finished him off.
"Bro what have I got to fucking do man? He's inside. I'm dead. URGGGHH."

Nadeshot proceeded to stand up following his death, removed his wireless headset and launched it into the ground with pieces of it literally flying up into the air.

"I'm done for the night Jacob, I love you but my headset is broken"