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Archive • Feb 14, 2018

100 Thieves Owner Nadeshot Reacts to His Team's "Worst Weekend" Ever

The owner of 100 Thieves, Matthew 'Nadeshot' Haag, has uploaded a new vlog that focuses on the organization's recent struggles in League of Legends. The former professional Call of Duty player and OpTic Gaming legend has moved on from his days of competitive play and now owns his very own esports organization in the form of 100 Thieves.

The game that 100 Thieves is most focused on at present is League of Legends where they are competing in the North American LCS for the first time. Their LCS journey got off to the perfect start with wins over the likes of OpTic Gaming, CLG, and Team Liquid giving them an impressive 3-0 record to start the season. However, losses to Cloud9 and TSM soon brought them back down to Earth and the only other match that they claimed victory in going into Week Four was against Clutch Gaming.

But nothing had prepared the relatively new organization for the disappointments of the fourth week where they lost to FlyQuest first and then gave Golden Guardians their first and only victory of the entire season so far. On February 13th Nadeshot uploaded a video titled "The Worst Weekend My Team Has Ever Had" which starts with some famous last words from the young org owner prior to the matches:
The reason why this weekend is important is because we have a little bit of an easier schedule - we're playing FlyQuest and the Golden Guardians. They are both just, they're not having the best season right now. And, so, the reason why I say it is important is we're 4-2 right now, I believe we're in 5th place. When you have a weekend like this where you're playing FLyQuest and the Golden Guardians and they're just not that great right now, no disrespect to the organizations or the players, but we really gotta win. You've gotta get your wins when you can get them.

After losing to FlyQuest, Nadeshot talks about hating to see the disappointment in his team after the defeat, but also states that the result was not the end of the world. Following the loss to Golden Guardians, a rather uncomfortable shot of the team's warmup/locker room shows just how devastating the result was for everyone involved. Nadeshot describes the weekend as "disastrous" but promises that more behind the scenes footage will follow soon. The full video can be found below.