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Archive • Mar 14, 2018

Nadeshot Hits Incredible Long Distance Rocket Kill on Fortnite and Celebrates Perfectly

There isn't a better feeling than calling for something absurd to happen and then actually pull it off, especially in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Former professional Call of Duty player Matt 'Nadeshot' Haag has been joining the vast community of content creators and streamers who have stampeded into the Fortnite scene. The game has been out long enough where just victories are not enough to quench the thirst of Fortnite success. With the likes of Ninja and TSM Myth and other battle royale wizards filling social media with incredible clips, it is expected that many will try to do their own bit of magic. Nadeshot was streaming Fortnite live on his streamwhen he noticed a fort built a long distance away in the horizon. There was only one thing on his mind after that.
"I see somebody over. Alright, longest RPG in the world let's go. It's going to hit. If it hits, we all shed tears of joy. Come on, come on, come on, please! OH LET'S GO! YEAH!"
When the notification that he had eliminated a player popped up, he couldn't believe he had hit such an incredible long distance rocket. There were no tears of joy but there was a celebratory dance that he did both in-game and on camera. x x