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Archive • Mar 04, 2018

Mr Beast Challenges Fortnite Streamers to Win Their Next Game for $10,000 - Insane Reactions

A YouTuber, Mr Beast, known for his generous donation exploits has upped his game yet again, promising a handful of streamers $10,000, but only if they win their next game of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite is the immensely popular game which has seemingly taken over both gaming and streaming, consistently being the most watched game on Amazon owned streaming platform Twitch, particularly because of it's Battle Royale mode.

Dropped in to an island with 99 other would be survivors, the task is simple - be the last alive. What is not so simple of course is actually managing it, with an array of powerful weapons and threats from all sides, the game is intense but also light hearted fun. Mr Beast ramped up the pressure on these streamers however, by promising them a $10,000 donation if they won their very next game of Fortnite, and of course captured all their reactions on video. As he describes it:
"The rules are simple, you win, you get $10,000. You lose, you get nothing."
In truth, he wasn't quite so harsh, and did donate a incredible $1,000 to some who missed out on the W, and he would donate $100 just to get the streamer's attention in the first place.

In the video, only two of the challenger's pulled off the victory, and as you can imagine their reactions when the $10,000 comes through are incredible, and the intensity of the final 1v1 situations makes it even better. On top of the cash, Mr Beast undoubtedly brought these streamers some added attention as well, which is always a big boost for aspiring streamers. Mr Beast is certainly building up a reputation for this sort of thing now, with big donations to streamers such as Ninja and new FaZe member SpaceLyon.

You can watch the full video from Mr Beast's YouTube Channel below. x x