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Archive • Aug 11, 2017

Activision and MLG Release Statement on Elevate Forfeit at Call of Duty Championship 2017

The end of the group stages at the CWL Champs 2017 was marred with controversy when Elevate were eliminated from the competition after being forfeited. Heading into the fourth map of the deciding game, the Australian squad of Mindfreak Black was winning two maps to one, leading on the first Hardpoint after the first rotation when the trouble started. Elevate player Zach 'Zed' Denyer's controller came into technical difficulties and was unable to move during the map. After declining the offer of a spare controller from the admin, the Elevate team stopped playing and the round was aborted.

It was determined that Elevate would forfeit the round, resulting in MF Black taking the game 3-1 and advancing through to the championship bracket. A variety of different stories were discussed in person and on social media, however, to end the speculation MLG has released a full statement, putting blame on Elevate player Zed for his controller malfunction and the team ending the game early, without approval. Although you can read the official line below, we have also been informed by sources close to the situation that due to property damage by Jordan 'Reedy' Reed and his removal from the building prior to the ruling, the team would have been forfeited anyway.
"During the fourth map of the Group Stage match between Elevate and Mindfreak.Black on August 10, 2017, the controller owned and operated by Elevate player Zach “Zed” Denyer malfunctioned. As stipulated in Rule (Player-Owned Equipment), of the Call of Duty World League Official Handbook, “ administration is not responsible for ensuring Player-owned equipment is in working condition.” Following the malfunction of the player-owned equipment, team Elevate refused to complete the match. At the time of malfunction, Mindfreak.Black led the series 2-1 and the fourth map by 27 points (83-56). MLG officials have determined the decision from Elevate to refuse playing is in violation of Rule Stoppage of Play – “Players may not end a game under any circumstances without approval from Administration”; Rule 6.1.1 – “Participants are expected to compete at the best of their ability at all times during Competition Matches, Events and/or Tournaments”; Rule 6.2.6 - “Participants must comply with all instructions or decisions by the Administration” Mindfreak.Black has been awarded the victory due to the violations from Elevate."
x MF Black will now face OpTic Gaming in the winner bracket which begins on Friday August 11th at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Keep up to date with the CWL Championship 2017 via our official coverage hub for the $1.5 million event. x

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