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Mindfreak Owner Slams the Splyce Halo Team for Poor Championship Winning Interview

Following Splyce’s victory interview at the Halo World Championship, Mindfreak’s owner Albert ‘NakeeeZe’ Nassif took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

Splyce successfully took down the reining world champions, Tox Gaming (formerly OpTic Gaming), in the $1,000,000 tournament to be crowned Halo 5 World Champions.

After their victory, the players were interviewed by Lottie ‘Praagy’ Van-Praag who asked how they were feeling, how they found the match and what their favorite part about the series had been.

Despite their incredible victory, Splyce’s response was very brief, leading Mindfreak’s owner, NakeeeZe, to say the interview was one of the worst he had ever seen.

He went on to say that, after such an impressive win, it was a chance for the team to earn new fans and loyalty by sharing their own stories and expressing their emotions.

NakeeeZe didn’t stop there, stating his belief that professional players should have PR training for this kind of situation and that an interview like Splyce’s actually has a negative effect on the team’s reputation and had tainted the end to a great weekend.




It wouldn’t be surprising to see esports organizations investing in PR coaching in future, as athletes in professional sports, such as baseball and soccer, have already had to do this for a number of years.

In fact, rumors of some of the biggest esports organizations doing so for players of the highest profile games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch have already started to surface in recent years.

NakeeeZe concluded by showing some of the community reactions where people had referred to Splyce as one of the “most unlikable” teams in the HCS after the interview, but others have pointed out that this could be down to the fact that they are repeatedly beating the most popular team in the game in the form of TOX.



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