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Millenium’s CWL Anaheim Performance Puts Their Future In Doubt

The Millenium Call of Duty team has suffered another blow, crashing out of the CWL Anaheim Open with a top-32 placement.

With a collection of respectable international placements and Tom ‘Moose’ Handley hailed as Europe’s best, earlier in the season the Millenium squad was one of the region’s shining lights.

Unfortunately, ever since their move from Infused to the French organization, Millenium, the team seem to have lost their way. After a disappointing outing in Stage One of the Global Pro League, Millenihasave failed to redeem themselves in Anaheim.

Having sustained consecutive defeats to lose their Global Pro League spot at the Relegation tournament, Millenium faced an open bracket run in the main CWL Anaheim event. A promising start was cut prematurely short by eRa Eternity, who themselves suffered a similar fate at the Relegation tournament, sending Millenium to the loser bracket.

The European squad only managed one step along the knife edge that is the best-of-three loser bracket before slipping again, this time against Team Kalibre. Second chances used up, a 0-2 defeat meant a swift exit for Millenium from the tournament in an embarrassing 29th-32nd place.


Though an underwhelming CWL Dallas and an even more disappointing Global Pro League run weren’t enough to precipitate change in a team that has been together since the start of the season, it has to be wondered if these two new disasters might spell the end for Millenium as we know it.

All signs suggest that this squad can no longer produce results worthy of their talent, and a roster change looks inevitable, rather than a possibility.

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