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Archive • Nov 15, 2017

Meet Carly Wilford, Presenter of Gfinity's New Facebook Live Show GAME-ON

Gfinity is set to launch a weekly Facebook Live show this Thursday titled GAME-ON, featuring a presenter who's brushed shoulders with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet. With a red carpet résumé including Tom Cruise and Russell Brand, Carly Wilford has hosted and interviewed at the likes of the MOBO awards, Red Bull Culture Clash and BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend to name just a few, and she's hoping to become the bridge between the music world and the next big thing in entertainment. With light-hearted themes that look to embrace esports culture, a preview of Gfinity's GAME-ON Live includes topical memes, interviews with the public and gameplay. Wilford reveals that part of the focus will be on audience interaction with the show – a key element in their decision to stream it on Facebook. Ahead of the show's debut tomorrow, we spoke to Carly about her own passion for gaming and her ambitions to help GAME-ON bring something new to the esports industry.   Please introduce yourself to readers who may not be aware of your background. I’m Carly Wilford, a DJ, presenter and music tastemaker. I discover new musicians and tell the world about them. I also run a bass music collective called SISTER. We’ve just been on tour with Skrillex’s label OWSLA across Europe, where we played a residency in a Crane in Amsterdam as well as playing shows in Cologne and London. I love all things tech and am super excited to be stepping into the esports world.   Having DJ’d at hugely popular events and interviewed A list celebs around the world, what has been your career highlight thus far? Being on the phone to Nas was pretty special. I got to interview him for a magazine I was writing for at the time. He’s so wise and I really admire anyone that’s come from nothing and helped to shape a scene.     What attracted you to esports? I hosted the Drone Racing iSeries at the Insomnia Gaming Festival and was blown away by the way that technology has impacted our generation. The collision of reality and the virtual world fascinates me and I am really excited to learn more about what the future looks like. I also consult in the tech world and I'm the music editor for an app called Viber, so there's potentially a lot of crossover between esports and my experience.

  Do you consider yourself much of a gamer? Growing up, I really was and loved the way it bought my family together. It was my way to switch off from the world and it taught me so much. I like to think that helped me when I made my move in to DJing because I think they require really similar skill sets.   What was the first game you remember playing and what’s been your favourite ever title? Sonic stole hours of my life for a very long time, as did Crash Bandicoot and Mario (obvs). I love character games and submersing myself into their different worlds.

  Of the three games featured in the Gfinity Elite Series, which appeals to you most as a fan? I love Street Fighter. It’s fast, super fun and amazing to play with your mates. I actually used to be quite good at it.   Do you have any expectations about the kind of people you’ll meet in esports? Working within music a lot of my friends are immersed within esports as they see it as an amazing way to switch off and connect with their mates on the other side of the world. Esports requires dedication and focus and I have the upmost respect for anyone that wants to perfect a craft in whatever field that is in.   What do you hope to accomplish with Gfinity GAME-ON Live? Through your other experiences and credentials elsewhere, do you hope to bring something different? Live streaming is so important within the Esports community, with platforms like Twitch leading the way. We have decided to stream on Facebook every week so that the audience can be part of the show. I used to do the Breakfast Show on a radio station called Rinse FM and I love the unpredictability that live shows can bring. In the run up to the show, we have spent a lot of time speaking to the general public and finding out how much they know about the gaming world. I have been learning a lot along the way and I hope that I can help to be a gateway to introducing new faces and perspectives, especially as music and esports are so closely connected.  

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