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Archive • Oct 11, 2017

MBoZe Sets the Record Straight About Teaming Outside of OpTic for CoD: WWII

Marcus 'MBoZe' Blanks has cleared the air regarding being on a team outside of OpTic Gaming for the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII competitive season. With the return of 'boots on the ground' combat in the upcoming release of CoD: WWII in November, a variety of players have announced their return to the competitive scene following hiatuses from the community. Although never officially 'retired,' MBoZe has not competed in a professional LAN environment since filling in for Jevon 'Goonjar' Gooljar-Lim on Team Kaliber at CWL Stage 1 Relegation during Black Ops 3. While he may not have been competing professionally in his time away, MBoZe has solidified himself within the OpTic Gaming organization as a content creator. He currently lives in their team house in Chicago, Illinois with other members of the fan-favorite gaming team. However, it was revealed that he will be joining forces with Anthony 'Methodz' Zinni, Jeremy 'StuDyy' Astacio, and Jared 'Nagafen' Harrell for the upcoming CoD: WWII season, raising the question of whether or not he would still be a part of the 'Green Wall' if he represented a different organization. x Image may contain: 1 person
MBoZe filling in for Team Kaliber at CWL Stage 1 Relegation during Black Ops 3
In a video released on October 10th, he mentions how even though the squad is looking for a different organization, he had a discussion with OpTic Gaming Owner and CEO Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez regarding his future with the team
"It's hard because obviously how things cross over, some teams have conflicting sponsors and all that stuff, but I'm pretty sure we got it figured out. It'll be good, you'll see me playing this year. We are just looking for an org. H3CZ and I spoke about what could potentially happen Everything is laid out, you'll see me in Dallas, but in Dallas, I want to get an apartment Im going to be in OpTic still, I ain't going nowhere."
You can view MBoZe's full statement regarding his return to competitive play and situation with OpTic in the video below. x As of writing, it is unknown if the lineup has been in contact with any prospective organizations, or if they have already acquired one for the upcoming season. Call of Duty: WWII is set to release on November 3rd worldwide. x

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