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In a Match Riddled With Technical Difficulties, SK Triumphs Over EnVyUs at CS Summit

The cs_Summit didn’t start off with a bang, but they did get the first match in as SK Gaming downed EnVyUs 2-0 at the cs_Summit on Thursday.

The two teams started out on Cache where in the first round EnVyUs’ Cédric “RpK” Guipouy provided Twitch viewers with immediate excitement as he landed a triple-kill in the pistol round.


That opening round win would, in typical CSGO fashion, lead to two more round wins setting up the first rifle round. From there, SK Gaming took over.

Down 0-3, SK Gaming won the first rifle round while on the Counter-Terrorist side and would rattle off five wins in a row. Round 8 was particularly important for SK as Fernando “fer” Alvarenga went on a killing spree getting a 4k in an anti-eco round.

EnVyUs would win Round 9 but from there SK Gaming took over, winning four of the next six round for a 9-6 lead at the switch.

Once again, but this time on the Counter-Terrorist, EnVyUs won the pistol round and was looking to go forward.

SK would go half-buy in Round 17 with it paying off as they won the next three rounds in a row.

And just like the first half, SK Gaming would win four of the next six rounds, getting the first map win in the best of three 16-9.


Mirage would be the next map with SK starting on the Counter-Terrorist side. Marcelo “coldzera” David earned a triple-kill in the pistol round and a round win for SK. SK would go on to win the next two rounds destroying the economy of EnVyUs.

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom’s opening kill in the rifle round would get EnVyUs their first round, but SK would squash any momentum they had. SK won the first have half 12-3 and EnVyUs would not win another round.

SK will advance in the top half of the double-elimination bracket while EnVyUs will drop down and await their next opponent.

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