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Archive • Jan 10, 2018

MadCat Discusses European Call of Duty and his Predictions for CWL New Orleans

Dylan "MadCat" Daly of Splyce is now a veteran professional in competitive Call of Duty, and we sat down to discuss his mentality, practice and how he feels his team is judged as the top European roster in professional CoD. Having already managed a 2nd place finish in the new Call of Duty: WWII season, back at CWL Dallas, MadCat and his team are now looking to go one better at CWL New Orleans this weekend, starting January 12th. The team had a relatively successful season last year during Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, where Splyce won the playoffs for stage 1 on the Global Pro League, the first major international tournament on American soil to be won by a European team. However, the team disappointed at the 2017 World Championships, placing 7-8th, and thus a roster move was prompted. Fellow veteran Thomas "Tommey" Trewren came in to join MadCat and Co., replacing the outgoing Trei "Zer0" Morris, who joined rivals Red Reserve. Now firmly the best team in Europe, MadCat details what the team needs to do to remain there, but more importantly to become the best team in the world.   How has practice been since CWL Dallas? Due to having Christmas and New Year, it has gone as expected, taking into consideration everyone has been taking time off for big occasions. We've had very limited practice but generally we are quite happy with how our Search & Destroy has improved,  which was one of the main things we needed to go back on and improve, because our respawn was on point .   What do you make of people judging the team based on online CWL 2K results? If you go back and look at any team that me and Jurd have been on in the last three years, we've won about five tournaments. Two this year, two last year and one on Black Ops 3. Compare that to our LAN performance, it's just not an accurate representation. We have a player two bar every game, when in Europe, and that's a major disadvantage. Anyone lagging is not in the game, one of our players is out of it when playing online.  
MadCat at the 2018 CWL Dallas Open
  Do you think you're overlooked by analysts despite coming second in Dallas? I think because most analysts and casters are American, they are going to favor American teams more. They do over look us a bit, they normally say we come fifth or sixth - but we've seen more grand finals than OpTic, it speaks for itself. It is what it is   What other European teams can you see making an impact? I can see Red Reserve doing something. They have inconsistent players in their team, but if they want Zer0 to be good, they need to step it up. Trei can go off if there is consistency around him. He just needs consistency to play well.  
MadCat (left) winning stage 1 of the 2017 CWL Global Pro League with Splyce
  Do you consider this your best chance at winning a major open event? Nah not really. Last year, Anaheim was probably the best chance ever but we messed up against Epsilon. We put ourselves at a disadvantage. This event if we play our game and put our minds to it, we can definitely come out with a W.   Having kept an eye on the US scene, who would you expect to meet in the final? If we were to meet someone in the final, it'd be Team Kaliber or OpTic. tK have shown consistency, they're still winning and with a player like Kenny you can't doubt them. With regards to OpTic, if those four players don't make grand finals, they're not going to be happy. Simple as that.
CWL New Orleans takes place January 12th - January 14th at the Ernest Morial Convention Center, and with over 260 teams set to compete through the open bracket, it is set to be the largest open event in Call of Duty history. Splyce have been placed into Group D, which many regard as the 'group of death', with top North American teams eUnited, Ground Zero and Echo Fox. x