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Archive • Jan 19, 2018

Lunatic-Hai Announce That Their Overwatch Team Is Disbanding

Lunatic-Hai have announced that they are disbanding their Overwatch team. The organization are one of the most storied of early Overwatch. They originally housed the first great Korean squad, featuring players such a ‘Miro’ and Ryu ‘Ryujehong’ Jehong, that was ultimately acquired by the Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League team.

During their time with that team, Lunatic-Hai won back-to-back seasons of OGN’s APEX, the only team to win the tournament more than once during its tenure. The team later also took home the Seoul Cup, putting together a resume that made them the greatest team of the pre-OWL era. Following the move of their original squad to Seoul Dynasty, Lunatic-Hai put together a new team built around ‘WhoRU’, the sole member of the former squad who had not joined the Overwatch League due to being too young. The new squad’s only official outing was the Nexus Cup in December 2017, in which they ultimately placed 4th. The team were originally slated to compete in the $45,000 Overwatch Team Story Chapter 4, but announced that they would be withdrawing from the competition, leading to initial speculation that the team might be ending.

Lunatic-Hai have now released an official statement confirming that they are disbanding their Overwatch squad, and currently have no plans to support another team. The decision seems to have come following concerns over the long-term viability of fielding a team at the Contenders level, for which they also held a spot in the first season of the Korean division. A new age is dawning in competitive Overwatch with the arrival of the Overwatch League and associated tournaments, but unfortunately it seems to be coming at the expense of the old. It was recently announced that OGN would no longer continue to run APEX, and the departure of Lunatic-Hai is yet another reminder of the changing times.