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Lunatic-Hai Add Two Players To Overwatch Roster

Elite Korean Overwatch team Lunatic-Hai have added two players to their roster for 2017.

The team have taken one step closer to the South Korean squad that dominated the Overwatch World Cup with the acquisition of Kim ‘Zunba’ Joon-Hyuk. Renowned for his Zarya play, Zunba will be joining Kim ‘EscA’ In-jae, Ryu ‘Ryujehong’ Je-hong and Gong ‘Miro’ Jin-hyuk, with whom he competed at Blizzcon.

While Zunba is the only World Cup recruit, the other new member is in many ways a step closer to the spirit of the national team. While it was ‘ArHan’ that dominated on Genji at Blizzcon, Lee ‘WhoRU’ Seung-joon is a player also known for his Genji, and will offer the team additional DPS flexibility in partnership with hitscan specialist EscA.

The acquisitions come as additions rather than replacements to the team, leaving the question of how the new players will be incorporated in practice – whether the team will field a consistent starting roster, or rotate players according to form or strategy.


Lunatic-Hai full roster:

  • Korea Kim ‘EscA’ In-jae
  • Korea Ryu ‘Ryujehong’ Je-hong
  • Korea Gong ‘Miro’ Jin-hyuk
  • Korea Yang ‘tobi’ Jin-mo
  • Korea Geum ‘Dean’ Dong-geun
  • Korea Lee ‘Leetaejun’ Tae-jun
  • Korea Kim ‘Zunba’ Joon-Hyuk
  • Korea Lee ‘WhoRU’ Seung-joon

Source: Inven

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