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Archive • Aug 12, 2017

Luminosity Ride Respawn To Victory Against Infused | Call of Duty Championship 2017

Call of Duty Championships 2017

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Lower Bracket Round Two

 Luminosity: Slacked, Classic, Octane, Saints


 Infused: Zerg, Alexx, Niall, Nolson

Luminosity continue to work their way through the lower bracket of the Call of Duty Championships with a 3-1 victory against Infused. The squad were touted as one of the favorites for the event, but having matched up against a formidable eUnited in round one of the winner bracket, they were sent to the lower bracket early. While it means talking the long way back if they’re to reach the grand finals, Luminosity have so far been able to follow the path since without too much trouble. Following a loss to FaZe Clan in the winner bracket, Infused were lined up as their latest victim. Unfortunately for the European squad, any hopes of an upset were likely dashed after the first map. A strong start to Throwback Hardpoint might have opened the door to the possibility, but Luminosity were able to rally back and secure the map 250-198. Infused kept themselves alive with a victory on Breakout Search and Destroy, taking a 6-3 win that would almost certainly have been vital for the squad if they were to have any chance of surviving the series.

Unfortunately, it still wouldn’t be enough. Luminosity have always been a team famed for their respawn prowess, and they were able to bring that to bear over the final two maps. Frost Uplink had a slow start for both teams, with just a 2-0 lead at the half for Luminosity, but in the final five minutes they extended their lead to an eventual 7-2 victory. Retaliation Hardpoint was similarly convincing, with Infused able to find no answer to Luminosity and the North American squad ultimately ending the series with a 250-92 victory. Luminosity now advance to face another European team – the winner between Splyce and Epsilon – while Infused are eliminated with a respectable top-12 finish. - Luminosity vs Infused: 3-1 Throwback HP: 250-198 Breakout SnD: 3-6 Frost Uplink: 7-2 Retaliation HP: 250-92 -

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