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Longest Serving Call of Duty Teams: 2 Year OpTic Special

Welcome back to the May 2017 edition of the longest serving professional Call of Duty teams worldwide.

If you’re an OpTic Gaming fan, this particular article will be a special one as the four-man team celebrates their 2 year anniversary of competing together.

The Call of Duty community once had a problem with roster changes, with a lack of contracts and tournament structures meaning players were free to skip around as they wished.

When Activision took over the competitive circuit for the start of Black Ops 3, that all changed with roster locks being put in place. Also due to the backing of the developer, more large scale organizations appeared and slapped their own terms on the players.

Below you’ll find the eight longest serving Call of Duty teams currently active on the competitive circuit.

The criteria are simple, it counts from the when all four players first competed at an event together and not when the team announcement was made. In the case of Luminosity, we haven’t counted CWL Paris when a substitute was used as it was made clear at the time that that was the case.

7th/8th – Millenium (Formerly Infused)

18th December 2016 – 5 Months or 151 Days

uk flag Moose uk flag Peatie uk flag MarkyB uk flag Nolson

millenium moose

The British squad of Millenium have played together since their event debut at CWL Las Vegas at the start of Infinite Warfare. They had previously played under Infused but had their contracts bought out ahead of CWL Dallas in March.

Headed up by veteran player Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland, they’re the only European team to attend Las Vegas who’ve remained together as a core four throughout the year.

In that time they’ve put up some decent placements, including 5th/6th at CWL Atlanta and 4th at CWL Paris.

They don’t look like they’re going to switch it up anytime soon, but there could be testing times for the roster ahead however if they fail to requalify for the CWL Global Pro League.

7th/8th Enigma6

12th December 2016 – 5 Months or 151 Days

USA MRuiz USA Kade USA General USA Proto


Joining the Millenium squad in joint seventh is the American squad of Enigma6, led by Jordon ‘General’ General.

Despite some decent placements that include placing 7th/8th out of the Open Bracket during CWL Las Vegas and qualifying for the CWL Global Pro League, the team have gone largely under the radar.

Heading into Group Green of the Pro League, they proved they’re a force to be reckoned with as they placed second behind OpTic Gaming.

Although this team has a solid history together, they’re expected to make a roster change after the GPL playoffs, with Mike ‘MRuiz’ Ruiz expected to retire. Current speculation suggests Matthew ‘Royalty’ Sauga will be his replacement.

4th/5th/6th – Evil Geniuses

4th of November 2016 – 5 Months or 165 Days

USA Nagafen USA Studyy USA Nameless USA Havok

evil geniuses cod esports

The formation of the Evil Geniuses team was a puzzling one at the time as it meant that Jeremy ‘Studyy’ Astacio and Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler would forfeit their pool play spot at CWL Las Vegas.

Regardless the EG team have largely done their dirty work out of the spotlight, fighting through numerous open brackets before finally clinching their spot in the CWL Global Pro League by beating The Gosu Crew.

Going into Group Red of the CWL GPL, nobody expected them to walk away with first place above FaZe, Rise and Fnatic, but that’s exactly what they did to book themselves a spot in the playoffs.

It may have taken 6 months but it looks like the Evil Geniuses Call of Duty team is finally clicking.

4th/5th/6th – Rise Nation

4th of November 2016 – 5 Months or 165 Days

USA Loony USA Faccento USA Aqua USA FeLo

vegas rise nation

The Rise Nation Call of Duty team had an almost complete shuffle at the start of Infinite Warfare, with Daniel ‘Loony’ Loza picking up three players from the Elevate team who placed third at CoD Champs 2016.

They started out how with a win at CWL Las Vegas, but they’ve gradually gone off the boil across the course of the Infinite Warfare season.

That was compounded after getting reverse swept by FaZe during Group Red of the CWL Global Pro League, resulting in them missing out on the playoffs.

Regardless of their failures, they’re still a solid team and we’re unlikely to see roster changes heading into Stage Two of the CWL GPL and the second half of the Infinite Warfare season.


4th/5th/6th – Luminosity Gaming

4th of November 2016 – 5 Months or 165 Days

USA Saints USA Classic USA Octane USA Slacked

luminosity 3

The final team joint 4th longest serving team is the boys from Luminosity Gaming.

Originally playing under Rise Nation throughout Black Ops 3 alongside Loony, his three teammates decided to jump ship and join the talented Renato ‘Saints’ Forza.

Despite their impressive talent it’s been a tough season for LG after failing to place inside the top three all season, with a fourth place finish at CWL Dallas as their highlight.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however as they have a chance to. prove their worth during the Stage One CWL Global Pro League playoffs.

3rd. Team EnVyUs

USA John USA Slasher USA Jkap USA Apathy

12th June 2016 (11 months or 335 Days)

envyus 2

In third place, we have the current world champions of Team EnVyUs. When they first formed there wasn’t much expectation for the side, and at their first event they only managed a 7th/8th placement.

Something eventually clicked in the team, as they ran out winners of the Pro Division for Stage 2, came second at MLG Orlando and finished in 1st at CoD XP 2016 to claim the $800,000 first place prize.

They’ve had a relatively underwhelming Infinite Warfare season so far, but a last minute push to secure first Group Blue of the CWL Global Pro League shows this team still clutch up when it matters.

Despite their shortcomings, the team remains committed to one another heading into the CWL GPL playoffs and CWL Anaheim.

2nd. FaZe Clan

USA Clayster USA Enable USA ZooMaa USA Attach

12th July 2015 (1 Year and 8 months or 676 Days)


This FaZe Clan team were created to defeat OpTic Gaming and they did on their first attempt, winning UMG Dallas in July 2015. They’ve gone on to win 4 events as a quad under the guidance of their captain, James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks.

The squad struggled throughout Black Ops 3, not placing in the top 4 for the entire game with many calling for changes to be made.

They stuck it out however and the squad moved into a house in Texas, winning their first event on Infinite Warfare at the Playstation Experience Invitational, before placing third at MLG Las Vegas.

FaZe have continued to prove their an elite level team and prior to Group Red of the CWL Global Pro League, they’d only lost to OpTic and eUnited on IW.

Although they had a shaky group stage in the CWL GPL, narrowly finishing second, Clayster and his crew showed why you can never count them out after a thrilling reverse sweep against Rise to secure a spot in the playoffs.

1st. OpTic Gaming

USA Scump USA Crimsix USA Formal canada Karma

17th May 2015 (2 Years or 732 Days)

optic mlg

The OpTic Gaming team picked up Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow after Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag left after CoD Champs 2015. They won their first event as a four at UMG California in May 2015 and the rest is history.

In their 732 days (2 years) together they’ve won an incredible 11 tournaments, more than every other team combined. After the Australian squad of Mindfreak made a roster swap in December 2016, they took the title as the longest serving Call of Duty team on the planet.

Despite a tough start to Infinite Warfare after they finished in 5th to 6th at CWL Las Vegas, the team bounced back with 2nd place finish at CWL Atlanta, before winning CWL Paris and CWL Dallas.

On top of those achievements, they’re also the only team to finish 6-0 in their group during the CWL Global Pro League and will be heading in as the hot favorites to the playoffs between May 26th and 28th. Will they be celebrating a 2 year anniversary teaming together whilst lifting yet another championship?

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