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How Long Should Esports Cheaters Be Banned For?

Do you have a strong opinion about how long cheaters should be banned for in esports competitions?

The Esports Integrity Coalition, commonly known as the ESIC, are requesting competitive gaming fans from across the world help judge how long those who are dishonest should be banned for.

A 19 question survey has been created with the purposes of understanding how esports fans really feel about those who cheat. It comes off the back of a recent 2-year ban for a CS:GO player who admitted using undetectable software to gain an advantage.

The various questions involved in the survey include cheating via software/hardware changes, throwing matches and doping.

“The survey will only take a couple of minutes – it’s very important for esports to know what it’s community thinks.

There has recently been controversy over the various sanctions and decisions relating to cheating in esports. ESIC released a detailed position paper on this on 3rd April available here: , but, in summary, we would like to try and create some consistency across the esports industry based on the consensus of the esports community.

This questionnaire is our attempt to find out what the esports community thinks is appropriate as punishment for the different types of cheating. Individual questionnaire answers and results are anonymous. ESIC will analyse the results after the closing date (Weds 31st May 2017) and publish the overall result and conclusions.”

You can fill out the form via the SurveryMonkey website. All answers are anonymous. As mentioned in the quote above, the closing date will be Wednesday 31st of May 2017.

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