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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Logan Paul Has a Solution to Stop Getting in Trouble with YouTube

It's only taken a number of high profile screw-ups, but Logan Paul has finally got a solution to avoid messing up again. Logan Paul's demographic is generally kids between about eight years of age through to eighteen, but that didn't stop him uploading footage of a suicide victim in a Japenese forest at the very end of 2017.

The backlash resulted in the YouTuber with 17 million subscribers taking a break from the platform for just under a month, despite having uploaded for 460 days in a row before that. During his time off Logan claimed to have learned about himself and promised to be a better person when he returned to uploading his daily vlogs.

That didn't quite go to plan however after tasering a rat in his second vlog back, taking a dying fish out of water in an attempt to resuscitate it and posting on Twitter that with enough RT's he'd eat a Tide Pod capsule. His behavior earned him a temporary ban from advertising on YouTube, however, it appears just two days later those have been somewhat reinstated by the video sharing platform.

So what is Logan's solution to stop screwing up? He's hired someone to constantly hang around him to make sure that he doesn't do anything stupid. During his vlog uploaded on Monday, February 12th, he introduced "Mike", who will be attempting to babysit him and avoid future outrage.
"I've been a bad egg recently. You know you've seen the news. I've been making some horrible decisions and Team Maverick decided to bring in essentially a babysitter. Someone who's like still a kid and who I respect, but also that kind of has a brain and that's Mike. Anytime I go to do something I shouldn't, cause I can't really even be trusted with myself anymore. I'm working on it but Mike's gonna make sure that no bad things happen." x