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Archive • Jan 04, 2018

Logan Paul Announces His Next Move After Japanese Suicide Vlog Incident

Millions of Logang members around the world will be heartbroken to find out that the controversial YouTuber is taking a break from uploading. The 22-year-old superstar found himself in a world of trouble when he filmed and uploaded a video of a dead body that they found in a Japenese forest beneath Mount Fuji on Sunday, December 31st, 2017.

The footage was criticized across the globe for the way he made jokes and continuously showed the body, including posing next to it for a thumbnail. The general consensus was that he didn't treat the situation with the appropriate respect, especially when the majority of his 15 million subscribers are believed to be young kids.

After removing the video two days after it was uploaded due to the online backlash, he released a statement on Tuesday, January 2nd to try and explain what happened. Unfortunately for Logan that didn't go down too well either, and he then uploaded another video the following day to apologize without any excuses. On Thursday, December 4th, Logan uploaded a Tweet to announce he'd be taking a break from the vlog, breaking a 460-day streak. x What's next for Logan Paul is unclear, but judging by the responses to the Tweet and comments on his brother's YouTube channel, he isn't going to be allowed to forget anytime soon. x