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Archive • Jan 13, 2018

Lightning Pandas Impress in Pool Play with Victory over FaZe Clan at CWL New Orleans

CWL New Orleans

Pool C

 FaZe Clan: Replays, Attach, ZooMaa, Priest


 Lightning Pandas: Goonjar, Xotic, Royalty, Proto

Following Lightning Pandas narrow defeat to UNILAD already in Pool C, they would need to go flawless in the rest of their matches if they hoped to make the winners side of the championship bracket, but coming up against FaZe next, it would not be easy. However, thanks to incredible slaying performances from Goonjar and Xotic in particular, their counterparts in FaZe were simply blown away by the open bracket team coming into their pool, swept 3-0.  

Slow starts from Replays and Priest, and strong slaying from both Goonjar and Xotic for Lightning Pandas allowed them to take a 50 point advantage after the first set of hardpoints. Despite a strong individual showing from Attach, Priest and Replays continued to bring the teams map pressure down as they failed to win gunfights, both sitting double negative as Lightning Pandas crossed the 200 point mark. However, Priest finally began to regain his ability to streak out, bringing himself back to an even K/D and earning full score streaks. FaZe still struggled to lock in rotations, but the streaks coming out from Priest allowed them to break and bring the score within 30. A strong rotation and hold on the bunker hardpoint on Ardennes brought the score right back, but once more Lightning Pandas slaying saved them from an embarrassing comeback, as they closed it out 250 - 214. Goonjar personally continued to play well in the Search and Destroy, again on Ardennes Forest, while on the other side Replays continued to play poorly, allowing Lightning Pandas to stroll out to a 5-1 lead, with Replays 0/6 after the first six rounds. FaZe did take a round back, but LP did not relent, closing out a very comfortable SnD 6-2. Lightning Pandas kept their momentum in the Capture the Flag, once more on Ardennes Forest, completely wiping out FaZe on numerous occasions and going up 4-1. The second half began better for FaZe, as they rallied LP's base two or three times, and with the assistance of streaks pulled the flag, but failed to escape cleanly, as LP players consistently prevented captures. Finally, a clean push allowed an easy capture, and despite LP having streaks Priest earning score streaks he once more allowed FaZe to tie it up four captures each. Attach of FaZe started hot in the first side of overtime, but with no support, a score streak from Goonjar perfectly time provided LP the opporunity they needed, capturing in only 1:20. As Xotic still had two streaks, two failed pushes from FaZe were the only opportunities they had, as Lightning Pandas took a surprise 3-0 victory with the overtime win in CTF.   FaZe Clan vs Lightning Pandas HP Ardennes Forest 214 - 250 SND Ardennes Forest 2 - 6 CTF Ardennes Forest 4 - 5 (OT)     Follow our coverage from the event via our dedicated hub with links to the stream, schedule, brackets, rosters, groups and more! x