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Archive • Jan 14, 2018

Lightning Pandas Challenge Team Kaliber But Fall Short in Incredibly Close Match at CWL New Orleans

CWL New Orleans

Pool B

 Team Kaliber: Accuracy, Chino Theory, Kenny


 Lightning Pandas: Goonjar, Xotic, Royalty, Proto

Lightning Pandas came into their 3rd pool play match after qualifying from pool play after an impressive 3-0 sweep of FaZe, but also a close 2-3 defeat to UNILAD. Now facing the Dallas champions and favorites for the New Orleans event, Team Kaliber, Lightning Pandas would need to replicate their impressive slaying performance from the FaZe series if they were to have a chance. A victory for tK would secure them the top spot in the pool.

The match had a false start for unknown reasons, and players were forced into a full restart of the Ardennes Forest hardpoint, after tK had been up 162 - 104 before the reset. Things played out similarly after the reset, with tK opening up the lead. However, after the first set of rotations, Royalty had acquired full score streaks, which in turn helped the score even up. Royalty's slaying continued, and eventually Lightning Pandas earned themselves a narrow lead. As Proto also earned his own set of score streaks, LP looked on course to upset the Dallas champions. However, not to be counted out, tK once more proved their championship caliber (no pun intended), they pushed through the storm, locking down the money hill of bunker, closing out the map 250 - 206 One of Team Kaliber's best maps, Ardennes  SnD, where they remain unbeaten, but Lightning Pandas threatened early. As the teams traded rounds, Team Kaliber were unable to gather any momentum of their own, as LP took a 5-4 advantage. Refusing to go down, tK took the next defence managing to force the round eleven. As LP placed Chino in a 1v2, he was unable to clutch up as Lightning Pandas handed tK their first SnD on Ardennes Forest on LAN. After a slow start to the CTF, Lightning Pandas came alive inside the last two minutes of the first half, as they quickly rallied two captures, with both Proto and Goonjar slaying out impressively. LP added another capture early on the second side, and now 3-0 up, looked more and more likely to shut out tK. Another flag capture left only two minutes for tK to make a miraculous comeback, and it proved too much of a challenge. Goonjar and Proto were slay heavy, and Royalty chipped in with streaks of his own to give LP a convincing 4-1 CTF win, and a lead in the series. The fourth map hardpoint would be contested on Gibraltar, and the lead fluctuated between Lightning Pandas first and the Team Kaliber, as both teams Assault Rifle players showed strength. Both teams were neck and neck at the 100 point mark, Goonjar continued to slay heavily, giving LP a slim advantage. But once more Team Kaliber did not allow themselves to fall into a hole, quickly getting back to back four-down situations in their favor, to once again swing the lead. While Goonjar remained hot, his teammates failed to match his pressure, and with tK more consistent across the board, they prevented Lightning Pandas to open up any large advantage. Once more the teams were tied at the 200 point mark, and Lightning Pandas looked to be in the better position as they had full rotations to the castle road hill. However, a miraculous spawn for Kenny allowed for the break, and he acquired streaks to put tK only 11 points from the win. Now pressured, LP could not hold on, and tK forced the game five with a 250 - 235 win. A close map in the deciding Search and Destroy was expected, and delivered with the first rounds being traded between the two teams, with offensive rounds being won by each. Eventually, a big triple kill from Chino allowed tK to open a two round advantage for this first time in the game, and Lightning Pandas ran out of ideas as tK proved to strong. The final offence went the way of Team Kaliber, who maintained their undefeated record, although a lot of credit has to given to Lightning Pandas who provided likely their toughest challenge in pool play thus far. Team Kaliber vs Lightning Pandas HP Ardennes Forest 250 - 206 SND Ardennes Forest 5 - 6 CTF Flak Tower 1 - 4 HP Gibraltar 250 - 235 SND Sainte Marie du Mont 6 - 3 Follow our coverage from the event via our dedicated hub with links to the stream, schedule, brackets, rosters, groups and more! x