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LA Gladiators Tank Fissure Weighs in on Rascal’s Release from Dallas Fuel

Los Angeles Gladiators player Baek ‘Fissure’ Chan-hyung has commented on the release of Kim ‘Rascal’ Dong-jun from Dallas Fuel.

Rascal was released from the Fuel on April 16th, having transferred to the team from London Spitfire during the Overwatch League transfer window.

Fissure’s path through the Overwatch League has been very similar to Rascal’s. Both started out on the London Spitfire, but despite the calibre of both players they each found themselves with minimal play-time due to the breadth of talent on the Spitfire and the team’s starting choices.

As a result, both players found themselves traded ahead of Stage 2, moving from an all-Korean squad to a majority-western roster. Rascal was traded to the Dallas Fuel, while Fissure moved to the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Unfortunately, that is where their two paths diverged. Since his addition to the Gladiators, Fissure is credited a large degree of their distinct improvement, while Dallas Fuel continued to struggle and Rascal now finds himself out of the team.

Though the details were not shared, the announcement of Rascal’s removal from the Fuel suggested that the reasoning for this decision was that Rascal was a difficult and uncooperative team-mate.

In the wake of the news, Robin311, who is known for both translating and relaying statements by Korean players on Twitter, posted a statement by Fissure on the matter, in which he sympathizes with Rascal’s situation.


Fissure reveals his own struggles with the language barrier when moving to the Gladiators, explaining just how tough it can be to overcome. He states that his and the team’s successes since can largely be credited to the ability of Kim ‘Bischu’ Hyung-seok to translate between the two languages, but Dallas Fuel has no player who is completely fluent in both English and Korean.

Unfortunately, Rascal will now be absent from the Overwatch League until at least Season Two, which is expected to begin in early 2019. The mid-season signing window closed on April 3rd, meaning that any interested teams won’t be able to acquire Rascal until after Season One finishes.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

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