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Archive • Feb 02, 2018

The KSI vs. Joe Weller Press Conference, Faceoff, and Weigh-In Results

February 2nd saw the highly anticipated pre-fight press conference and weigh-ins for the KSI vs. Joe Weller fight. After around six months of build up, drama, call outs, and on-stage altercations, the boxing match between YouTube stars KSI and Joe Weller is almost upon us.

The two Brits are true examples of internet celebrity with KSI boasting a massive 17 million subscribers on YouTube, while Joe Weller sits at almost 5 million. With the fight due to take place at around 6pm GMT on February 3rd, the pre-event press conference was the first opportunity for fans and pundits to see the YouTubers face off since their pushing match in September. Immediately obvious when the two took to the stage was the significant change in the physique of KSI. While Weller has always been a fitness enthusiast, KSI's 6 months transformation will dispel any doubts of how seriously he took his training.

A noticeably more serious Weller than we have ever seen before sat at the stage and answered questions but rarely allowed himself to be dragged into the war of words that KSI was clearly looking for. Unperturbed, KSI unleashed a barrage of insults at his opponent and made it clear that he believes Weller will be crying in defeat at the conclusion of the fight. YouTuber MARKIE caught all the action.

  When the time came to weigh-in, both YouTubers looked extremely lean and muscular but once again it was the transformation of KSI's physique that caught the eye. Joe Weller was the first man to take to the scales, weighing in at 79.2 kilograms. KSI will hold the weight advantage when the two men step into the ring, though, as he weighs in at 83 kilograms exactly. One aspect that got a great deal of attention going into the fight was the height advantage that KSI would have. But the face-off shows that differences in stature seem to have been slightly overstated as Weller appears to be giving up just one or two inches. In terms of reach, Weller appears to have the longer arms in the video provided, but the angle of filming makes it look like the younger man could actually have the advantage in that department. For more information about the fight, including how to watch, schedule, and betting odds, check our "How to Watch KSI vs. Joe Weller" article. *This post will be updated with the official video when it is uploaded.*

Images: Dave Wallace / Mark Upson