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Archive • Sep 13, 2017

KSI Vows to 'Kill' Joe Weller in Boxing Ring; Apologizes for Mental Health Comments

YouTube stars KSI and Joe Weller will face off in a boxing ring Saturday February 3rd 2018. Things have already got heated between the pair, as they verbally spared at the Upload event, getting the fans hyped up for the big fight in five months time. The action turned to fever pitch when KSI began to mock Joe Weller for suffering depression. Weller's demeanour quickly changed and at this point, he vowed to 'crush KSI's head onto the canvas,' before a pushing exchange ensued that saw KSI retrained and one of Weller's entourage fall on the floor. On the day when Pewdiepie has apologized for his use of a racial slur, KSI came out to say sorry for his choice of words and his decision to focus on mental health issues.
"My intentions were never to offend anyone that deals with depression. "I just got heated in the moment, and I was trying to offend Joe as a person in general. "Either way, it was wrong of me to have said what I said and I just wanted to say, "I'm sorry for that.""
  In an effort to shift focus back to the fight, KSI returned his attention to Weller, saying:
"I'm going to kill you in that ring. "Joe, I f***ing hate you. "I hate your channel, I hate your music. "I hate everything about you."
  The verbal onslaught continues for the next minute, before KSI laments the lengthy waiting time for the fight. KSI has fashioned a successful entertainment career in music and film on the back of his hugely popular YouTube channel. Having previously competed in a charity football game, he will now step into the right for a fight with fellow YouTube star Joe Weller.   - You can watch the whole video here.   Also, as a strange added bonus, here's a video of when KSI and Weller first met back in 2013.  

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