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Archive • Feb 07, 2018

KSI Reveals What He Said to Joe Weller in the Ring During a Breakdown of the YouTuber Boxing Fight

The YouTuber super fight between Joe Weller and Olajide 'KSI' Olatunji broke records as the biggest amateur white collar boxing fight in history. Over 8,000 people turned up to watch the fight at the Copper Box Arena in the heart of London, with over one million watching live via streams on YouTube. Over 25 million have watched the replay since,

The media attention surrounding the fight was mostly down to the fact that KSI is one of the biggest YouTuber's on the planet, with over 17 million subscribers and an army of fans who watch his every move. Both Joe and KSI had caused quite a furor in the build-up to the fight, as the former friends disagreed across social media and through their own videos. Whether the animosity was genuine or not, it caught the attention of millions worldwide.

On Saturday, February 3rd the two got into the ring to settle any beef they had and put on a thrilling show, with KSI winning the contest in the third round when the referee stopped the fight after Joe took a barrage of punches. In the following days after the fight, we saw a sullen Joe Weller graciously admit defeat and now KSI has broken down the fight, including providing some insight into what was said before they started punching each other.

In the break down of what happened, KSI reveals he wasn't nervous going into the ring because of his previous exposure.
"I was just chilling bro, I was calm. Thing is a lot of people forget that I've performed in front of thousands before. I've done stuff in front of a lot of people, in front of a live audience. I've done that quite a few times. Whereas Joe hasn't done actually done too many like performances, like this. Obviously this is the first time I've ever done a boxing match, so there's pressure with that, but I feel like Joe was feeling the pressure a lot more than I was."
  After watching his opponent jump into the ring, KSI commented on the fact that Joe's trainers didn't look confident. When the two finally came face to face, KSI explains that Joe was trying to tell him that he was nervous.
"At this moment he's telling me that "you're nervous, I know you're nervous, haha you're nervous". I'm there like "You're fucked. Trust me bro, you're fucked." That's all I said, "You're fucked". Bro this guy is nervous as fuck, you can tell, he's like there "you're nervous", of course you'd say that if you're nervous."
After explaining his admiration for those who step inside the boxing ring, KSI breaks down the fight piece by piece and finished by saying he thought Joe could have done better and questioned whether he had the right team behind him. He finally ends the twenty-minute video by briefly discussing the Jake/Logan Paul situation. x