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Archive • Aug 16, 2017

KSI Reveals He's Being Deported from the US

Photo Credit: Joe Brady
Popular Youtube personality Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has revealed that his attempt to move to the US is over after just a couple of weeks of living there. The London based FIFA Youtuber turned rapper disappeared from our screens for over five months before returning in July 2017, explaining that he was sick of what Youtube had become and was no longer going to create money for views, but do it instead for himself. Part of this return included leaving his entourage known as The Sidemen. The group of popular YouTubers all rose to stardom around at the same time, uploading collaboration videos from FIFA videos to pranks, gaining the group considering notoriety.

During his not so serious explanation of why he'd left his group of friends, KSI revealed he'd moved to the US in order to live in the content creator house ran by FaZe owner Ricky 'Banks' Banks. Only one week after posting, he revealed in a video on August 15th that he was being deported due to having what appears to be the incorrect visa.
"So I'm getting deported. Technically I'm getting deported, essentially I need to go back to England for personal reasons and actual reasons. I won't be telling you the reasons because I feel like I don't need to, and hopefully you guys can respect that. Yeah it looks like my LA fiasco is over. I'm actually fucking pissed. I love it here. LA I just feel at home, man. So legit when I get back to England, I'm going to work on getting a visa so I can actually like live in America."
The remainder of the video includes KSI saying goodbye to the likes of Banks and Ricegum, as well as promising more diss tracks if his former Sidemen colleagues continue to do the same. x Having a visa issue in the United States is a common occurrence for those who make their living in the digital world, with the likes of pro esports players and other Youtubers facing issues entering the country if they've not entered with the right paperwork. Fans of KSI, however, shouldn't worry, with his extensive experience in the entertainment industry, he will be eligible for what is known as an 'Alien with extraordinary ability' visa, commonly used by those in the music and film world. x