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Archive • Oct 09, 2017

KSI Reveals Boxing Match with Joe Weller Could Be Postponed

The biggest fight in YouTube history could be postponed after it emerged there could be an injury. Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Joe Weller share a combined 21.6 million subscribers between them, making this showdown in the heart of London a must watch for their huge fanbases. Set to take place on February 3rd 2018 at the Copper Box Arena, the two have already got into a bit of a scuffle when they met at a press conference at the Upload festival in September.

Despite both personalities uploading footage of themselves sparring with various members of their entourage, KSI has come out with a shocking revelation that could potentially put the fight in jeopardy. Tweeting on Monday October 9th, KSI explained that tickets for the fight aren't on sale yet, and that it was all down to Joe being unprepared.
"For those of you wondering why the boxing fight tickets haven't been released yet, you can thank @Joe_weller for that #HesNotReady"
Joe Weller responded shortly after, claiming that he's going to a doctor in order to get his knee looked at, meaning the fight could be postponed, despite over four months remaining until the scheduled date.
"Knee injury mate. Will hopefully have an answer from the doctor tomorrow"
After such a heated press conference and a genuine dislike for each other, fans are worried they'll be left disappointed with the fight potentially off if the doctor rules Joe Weller's injury to be too severe. Not to worry though, it looks like it'll go ahead at some point, especially if they continue to Tweet like this. x

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