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Archive • Mar 14, 2018

KSI and Logan Paul Finally Face Off at the Mayweather Boxing Gym

KSI and Logan Paul, two of the biggest names on YouTube and potential boxing opponents, have finally come face to face at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas. The boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller on February 3rd 2018 was one of the biggest events in the history of YouTube, drawing in millions of live viewers and attention from media outlets around the world.

It broke the record for the biggest amateur white collar boxing event in history and over 25 million people have now seen it in full. It is fair to say that it broke some serious barriers between the online entertainment industry and the mainstream. Now, though, people are more interested in finding out who KSI's next opponent will be. Adam Saleh, Fousey Tube, and Jake Paul have all been discussed as possibilities but there is one particular name that keeps rising to the top: Logan Paul. The controversial character made international headlines in January after uploading a video to of himself discovering a suicide victim in Japan's suicide forest but has recently been in the news thanks to his constant teasing about a possible future fight with KSI.

Well, on March 13th that possibility got a bit more real when the official Mayweather Boxing Channel uploaded a video that showed the two internet celebrities squaring off and engaging in a war of words at the gym:

  While it is hard to discern exactly what is being said throughout the video, which appears to have been filmed on a mobile phone, it is clear that the two are trash talking and KSI can be heard saying that he is “down” to fight. The current king of YouTube boxing can also be heard telling the older Paul brother that he isn’t ready, but Logan also seems confident and holds and clear height, reach, and weight advantage. With the Paul brothers being well known for their publicity stunts, it is uncertain whether this face off will result in anything. However, the chances of seeing KSI and Logan Paul competing with each other in the ring definitely just increased.   *UPDATED* KSI's video with the face off: