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Archive • Sep 11, 2017

KSI & Joe Weller Get Pushy at Pre-Fight Press Conference

KSI and Joe Weller are set to have a YouTube fight for the ages on Saturday February 3rd 2018. Stand aside Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, there's two new heavy hitters in town. What they may lack in boxing talent, they make up for in YouTube followings. Both YouTube stars have previously showcased their talents on the football field and now plan to go toe to toe in a boxing ring. For Joe Weller, this won't be his first amateur boxing fight. He previously faced off against Theo Baker, aka Malfoy, in a three round bout, winning by decision after Baker faced two standing counts. Since his win, Weller claims to have continued training, becoming fitter and developing his own boxing skill in the run up to his big ticket match up against KSI. The closest KSI has come to a boxing bout was when he took on Behzinga in a 'big gloves boxing' match up — a "fight" that KSI won. At their press conference, KSI and Weller — armed with his entourage — exchanged 'banter' before facing off in the middle of the ring. Tensions seemed to legitimately flare when KSI questioned Weller's mental health — an issue that Weller was very public about. This led to Weller to rant "imagine 8,000 people seeing your head absolutely crushed onto the canvas and Weller lift his hands up," before barging his future opponent, causing a full blown push-a-thon and shove fest. KSI arguably threw the best shove of the night, somehow flawing one of the members of Weller's entourage. - - The fight has the potential to be an exciting affair for the legions of young fans of each YouTuber. Both stars have vowed to take preparation seriously in the run up to their February showdown. Not sure which YouTuber to support? We've put together a Sky Sports-style Mayweather v McGregor chart to help you make a decision. -    

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