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Killa Can’t Understand Why He’s Not Been Picked Up

The return of Adam ‘Killa’ Sloss hasn’t been as swift as the Black Ops II World Champion expected.

The veteran player has been competing at a top level since 2011 and took the BO2 CoD Champs title in 2013 with Fariko Impact. He was relatively successful up until Black Ops 3 when he placed second at the NA CWL Pro Division Stage 2 playoffs with Dream Team.


His time during Infinite Warfare has not seen a return to form however as he’s struggled to put big placements on the board, including a top 40 placement at CWL Atlanta and top 36 at CWL Paris.

On April 17th he revealed that he was back on the market after a brief hiatus, but it appears that so far the offers have been limited. Posting on Twitter just two days later, Killa questioned why he hadn’t found a new home yet.

The popular streamer appears to be making comfortable money on Twitch via his loyal fans, but the draw of competing again appears to be the real desire for this Call of Duty legend. Perhaps he shouldn’t worry however with well over a month to go until the roster cutoff date for the S2 relegation qualifier.

Many of those commenting on his Tweet are suggesting he should wait until the next game, when the CoD series returns to boots on the ground with Sledgehammer and WW:II.

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