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Archive • Dec 30, 2017

Keemstar Interviewed 'SWauTistic' Before He Was Arrested "I shouldn't be charged for murder"

The man believed to be responsible for falsely reporting a hostage and homicide incident that resulted in the death of an innocent man took part in an interview just hours before his arrest. Tyler ‘SWAuTistic’ Raj Barris was arrested in South Los Angeles on the evening of Thursday December 29th, just 24 hours after reportedly 'swatting' an address of what he believed to be a competitive Call of Duty player who had got into an argument with his teammate.

Swatting has become a common problem and typically involves a hoax call to a police department advising of a serious incident such as a bomb threat or hostage situation. In the situation in Kansas, a seven year veteran police officer opened fire on Andrew Finch when he answered the door because he heard something outside of his house. In the aftermath of the incident both of the Call of Duty players and the swatter, now identified as Tyler Raj Barris, went quiet on social media by either removing or renaming their Twitter accounts.

However the swatter, known online as SWAutistic, agreed to an interview with popular YouTuber Keemstar on his Drama Alert channel, hours before he was arrested. During the 15 minute interview he was asked a range of questions, from whether he felt sympathy for what happened, through to who is responsible for the death of an innocent man.

Towards the end of the interview the 25 year old man now identified as Barris explained that although he understands he'll probably face jail time, he doesn't believe he should face a murder charge.
"I don't think that I should not do jail time, but I don't think I should do life or get charged with murder, that's all. I'm not saying that I'm saying I shouldn't do any time at all though, because admittedly yeah I was involved. So if I get caught and charged, then so be it, and I'll do whatever time they give me. I'll serve whatever sentence because it is what it is."