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Archive • Feb 26, 2018

Jesse Wellens Explains Why He Was Interrogated by the Secret Service Alongside Snoop Dogg

Popular YouTuber Jesse Wellens explained why he was interrogated by the Secret Service alongside Snoop Dogg while on the h3h3 Podcast. After the release of the 'Lavender' music video in March of 2017, Jesse Wellens and Snoop Dogg set the internet ablaze when the media caught wind of their depiction of newly-elected President Donald Trump with suggestive imagery. The tail-end of the video featured a scene where Snoop Dogg held a gun to the head of 'Ronald Klump' and fired a shot, with a small flag coming out the end dawning the phrase "bang," as opposed to a real bullet.  
Jesse Wellens: YouTube
  Individuals from all across the country shared their varying opinions regarding the act, with Jesse Wellens and Snoop Dogg being portrayed as either villains or heroes - depending on the group or political affiliation. When appearing as a guest on the popular h3h3 Podcast, Wellens described how the ensuing media storm eventually led to a meeting between them and the Secret Service, where the agents questioned their intentions following the video.
"And then Snoop's lawyer gets a hold of me and says 'the Secret Service wants to talk to you' So I'm stressed for a week, I'm turning my phone off everytime I talk to somebody. I'm just like thinking helicopters are following me. They were like, 'you didn't do anything illegal, it's just our duty if anybody ever says anything in any way about the President, we just have to follow up. It's protocol, and we just want to make sure that you don't want to harm the President.'
The full video can be viewed below, where Wellens gives a full, in-depth account of his experience getting interrogated by the United States Secret Service alongside Snoop Dogg, and the aftermath of the incident.  
Source: H3 Podcast Image: tubefilter