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Archive • Mar 03, 2018

Jeff Kaplan Responds to Requests for More Competitive Overwatch Modes

Jeff Kaplan has responded to requests for more ranked competitive game modes in Overwatch. For most of Overwatch’s lifetime, there was only one “competitive” mode – a ranked version of the standard game, as played in the Overwatch League and other tournaments.

With this year’s Lunar New Year event, the Year of the Dog, a new competitive mode was introduced, for Capture the Flag. For the first time, Overwatch players could play a ranked version of one of the game’s many alternative game modes. The competitive CTF playlist was implemented for the four weeks of the event. Ever since, plenty of players have asked if more game modes could get a “ranked” mode to give them an extra component for those that want to see just how good they are, or simply play with and against players of a similar skill level. Why not competitive 3v3? Competitive deathmatch? In response to one of the more recent suggestions on the Blizzard forums, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the team might do just that. In a few short words, he confirmed that they like the idea of shorter “mini” competitive modes such as the one they did for CTF, and that they would do more in the future.
We like “mini” competitive seasons. We’ll do more.
So, if there’s a particular mode you’d like to be able to play competitively, now might not be a bad time to be petitioning Blizzard for your mode of choice.