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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

James Bardolph Jokes about the Ex-Immortals Players

James Bardolph has linked to a picture on Twitter of the ex-Immortals players and joked about their new team and their constant partying. September was a rough month for the Immortals organization. The events began when Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles, Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles, and Vito ‘kNgV-‘ Giuseppe were all late to the grand final of DreamHack Open Montreal, forcing Immortals to forfeit the first map of the series. Many believed that the trio had been out partying the night before and were too hungover to make it on time, a point that the three players fervently denied. They stated they had been jetlagged, causing them to sleep through their alarms, and had not been out drinking. Their reputation proceeded them, unfortunately, and many did not believe their story. The trio have been accused of excessive partying on various other occasions.

After the tournament, it emerged that kNgV- had publicly sent a death threat to a professional player who had joked about their partying and had to be restrained from physically attacking him, leading to outrage in the CS:GO community. KNgV- was then suspended from the team, but ignored his punishment and played with his teammates in the EPICENTER North American qualifiers. For not respecting his organization's ruling, he was permanently removed from the roster. His removal caused the rest of the team to implode, as his friends LUCAS1 and HEN1 requested to leave in order to continue playing with him. Both players were however tied into the organization by their contracts and so were not allowed to leave. Apon hearing their request denied, they refused to play for Immortals, leading to them both being benched.

It is believed that HEN1, LUCAS1 and kNgV- all wish to play with Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau who is also currently benched by Immortals and has been placed on a transfer list. Fnx’s contract will end in December and that would allow him to join the ex-Immortals players and form a new team. On October 9th, HEN1 stated that his new team was set, and the full line up would be released after the conclusion of negotiations. All four of the ex-Immortals players, along with TeamOne's Bruno 'bit' Lima have now shared a picture while out partying in the club 'Villa Mix' in São Paulo, Brazil. James Bardolph is a CS:GO commentator who is known for his straight forward talking and he didn't hold back on making fun of the Brazilian's photo'd inside the club. He spotted the image and laughed about it, then joked on Twitter that the new team had not even officially formed yet and was already in a club. x x The joke went down well on Twitter as it received a number of responses from his followers. x x x x x

The five-man Brazilian team have yet to announce who they’ll be representing, but with a reputation for partying and diva-like behavior, many high profile analysts are predicting the squad will find it difficult to represent a top-level organization.


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