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Archive • Oct 11, 2017

An Interview with Call of Duty's Future Star - iLLeY

Although only 16, iLLeY has established himself as one of the most talented young players throughout the competitive Call of Duty scene. Mainly known for his prowess in the online tournament community, iLLeY can be found streaming his gameplay on Twitch for a growing group of dedicated viewers. Even though he has competed alongside some of the top names in the entire scene in a variety of different online tournaments, he dedicates a majority of his time to playing Search and Destroy rather than 'respawn' game modes, due to the age restriction. Implemented at the beginning of the Black Ops 3 season in 2015, competitors under the age of 18 were no longer able to participate in live events and the Call of Duty World League until they reached the specified age. We sat down with iLLeY to hear his take on the SnD game mode, future offers from professional teams, and much more. x Can you provide some background about yourself? I'm currently 16 years old and have been playing Search and Destroy for over 2 years now. Over those years, I have won a variety of different large-scale online tournaments across multiple CoD titles such as the $10,000 #PhizzurpAnnual 4v4 on Infinite Warfare, UMG Primes, and GameBattles Premiums. I have also played in variant UMG Prime tournaments, where I have had the opportunity to go up against and take down different professional teams. Unfortunately, the under-18 age restriction rule has held me back from competing at events, so I will continue to build-up my streaming presence on Twitch throughout CoD: WWII. x You’ve been competing for two years but you’re still only 16. What’s it like knowing you could play at a top level but are unable to? It is very frustrating and sad, to be honest. I am unable to show my full potential by competing at the top level due to the age restriction rule that is currently holding me back from playing. x Read More: x What makes you such a good SnD player? The thing that really helped my SnD game was to go back in my stream rebroadcast and analyze my gameplay to find the flaws, along figuring out with what I can do to fix them. Dedication made me a much better SnD player. I am able to adapt to certain situations quickly which is helpful in SnD, but I spend a lot of time on gunskill and movement, which helps separate me from others. x Have you considered competing on other titles such as Halo whilst you wait to turn 18? The thought definitely went through my mind to switch titles and go over to Halo until I turn 18, but my love for Call of Duty is too strong to switch from. x As an up and coming prospect, what kind of offers have you had for when you finally turn 18? I have had multiple pro players and teams approach me to join forces once I turn 18, but everyone will just have to stay tuned to see who I am teaming with. x What’s your favorite part about the SnD community? What’s the worst part? My favorite part of the SnD community is definitely playing Primes, Premiums, and other big online tournaments because they have the chance to get very competitive. The worst part of the SnD community, in my opinion, is that most players lack sportsmanship, often times putting other players down and making them feel bad. This really irritates me because I used to always be that guy that was put down in the past. The SnD community needs to focus on bringing everyone up, rather than putting them down. x What has been the highlight of your Call of Duty career so far? I'd say the highlight of my CoD career so far has definitely been winning the UMG PhizzurpAnnual 10k event because it was an enormous online tournament, and I also always looked up to Phizz. It meant a lot to win a tournament named after him. x Read More: x As a young player unable to attend events, what do your family and friends think about you competing currently? Have you explained what could be in store for you? My family and friends heavily support me in gaming because they have seen my potential, and feel as I have a bright future ahead of me. I have explained to my parents what could be in store for me in the future, and they motivate me every day to keep on going and never stop. x You’re growing in popularity on Twitch. Could that be a possible full-time route for you instead of going pro? Twitch can definitely be a full-time route, but I'll never choose it over going pro because that's all I have wanted to do since I started playing Call of Duty. Being on Mainstage and competing at the top level is my dream, and I don't think I can give up anything for it. x If you could team with three professional CoD players right now, who would it be? I wouldn't mind competing with most pros, but the people I want to compete with the most are Dashy and Cellium. x Which players have you looked up to in the past and why? I have always looked up to Seth 'Scump' Abner because he has been an absolute beast at every CoD in the past, and his passion towards the game definitely motivates me. x

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