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International CoD Pro Points Standings After CWL Dallas

CWL Dallas saw major movers and shakers in the Pro Points stakes.

EG had one of their most successful tournaments of the year so far, forcing their way into the NA top 9 and earning a place in the Global LAN League at the expense of Pnda and The Gosu Crew.

Over in Europe, Epsilon won the battle for the final Global LAN League spot after placing higher than rivals iGame in their crucial showdown.

Finally, Mindfreak did enough in their region to maintain their top spot and lay claim to the sole APAC place in the Global LAN League.

You can view the full placements from CWL Dallas here.

North American Standings – March 21st

  1. USA OpTic Gaming: Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump – 254,695 same place ranking
  2. USA eUnited: SiLLY, Arcitys, Prestinni, Gunless – 212,425 same place ranking
  3. USA FaZe Clan: Clayster, Enable, ZooMaa, Attach – 153,935 same place ranking
  4. USA EnVyUs: JKap, Slasher, John, Apathy – 120,655 up in ranking
  5. USA Luminosity: Classic, Slacked, Saints, Octane – 105,550 up in ranking
  6. USA Rise Nation: Aqua, Faccento, FeLonY, Loony – 105,085 down ranking
  7. USA Enigma6: Kade, MRuiz, General. Proto – 96,765 same place ranking
  8. USA Cloud9: Assault, Aches, Ricky, Lacefield – 93,930 same place ranking
  9. USA Evil Geniuses: NAMELESS, Havok, Studyy, Nagafen – 84,750 up in ranking
  10. USA GosuCrew: DraMa, Priest, Maux, Xotic – 83,470 same place ranking
  11. USA PNDA: FA5T, Pemby, ProFeezy, Prophet –  80,405 down ranking
  12. USA Allegiance: Remy, Mochila, Royalty, SinFuL – 63,595 same place ranking
  13. USA Team Kaliber: ColeChan, Goonjar, Happy, Theory – 52,635 same place ranking
  14. USA SetToDestroyX: Believe, Nova, Mayhem, Spoof – 52,595 up in ranking
  15. USA Echo Fox: LlamaGod, Methodz, Mosh, Swarley – 46,955 down ranking
  16. USA G2 Esports: SpaceLy, Chino, Legal, Accuracy – 44,905 same place ranking


European Standings – March 21st

  1. uk flag Splyce: Jurd, Bance, MadCat, Zer0 – 132,235 same place ranking
  2. uk flag Red Reserve: Joee, Urban, Seany, Niall – 118,510 up in ranking
  3. uk flag Millenium: Peatie, Moose, Nolson, MarkyB – 107,330 down ranking
  4. uk flag Fnatic: Skrapz, SunnyB, Wuskin, Tommey – 91,605 up in ranking
  5. uk flag Elevate: Watson, Zed, Reedy, Rated – 87,520 down ranking
  6. uk flag Epsilon eSports: Dqvee, Vortex, Joshh, Hawqeh – 75,975 same place ranking
  7. uk flag iGame: Qwiker, Weeman, Zerg, Desire – 70,085 same place ranking
  8. france Supremacy: Vortex, Malls, Eazy, Wailers – 54,225 same place ranking
  9. uk flag ex-Imperial: Braaain, Shane, Endura, Revolt – 38,300 same place ranking
  10. Europe Fanhattitude: Amar, Benji, Gefkid, JME – 34,155 same place ranking


Asian Pacific Standings – March 21st

  1. australia Mindfreak: Fighta, Buzzo, Shockz, Excite – 105,800 same place ranking
  2. australia Tainted Minds: Nimble, Zeuss, Damage, Denz – 82,000 same place ranking
  3. australia Chiefs ESC: Eminence, Dean, Lakie, Fate – 46,650 same place ranking
  4. australia Validate Black: Bacabec, Rival, Macka, Swiftaz0r – 43,900 same place ranking
  5. australia Prodigy: Killerpie, Hopey, Guydra, Skrzm – 31,050 same place ranking
  6. australia InFamous: Azzi, Flarez, Envious, Spaydz – 28,400 same place ranking
  7. australia Validate Red: Jaytex, Setzyy, Tysonn, Zepa – 22,155 same place ranking
  8. australia Garlic Brad: Gunzel, Carry, Potato, Snoop – 20,005 same place ranking
  9. singapore 2 UnVeiL Nova: Xenon, Mysticreal, Spaz, SolidRain – 20,000 same place ranking
  10. singapore 2 RamPaGe Gaming: RanGer, Greys, Bloo, Skywhite – 19,320 same place ranking




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