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Archive • Sep 28, 2017

Infused Call of Duty Announce WWII Roster Change

The Team Infused organization has announced a roster change prior to the Call of Duty: WWII competitive season. With the return of 'boots on the ground' combat after three years of 'advanced movement,' CoD: WWII has become one of the most anticipated titles in franchise history. Following the end of the Infinite Warfare season, many in the community have participated in 'rostermania,' with a large number of high-profile changes already taking place, including a new Evil Geniuses squad of veterans, Splyce bringing in a new member, along with a mix of rumors still floating around. Making it to CoD Champs 2017 via the European Last Chance Qualifier, the Team Infused roster of Deleo 'Zerg' Devitt, Nick 'Nolson' Nolson, Niall 'Niall' Sunderland, and Alex 'Alexx' Carpenter may have exceeded the expectations of some at the annual event, bringing home a 9th-12th finish. However, it appears that the roster has made a change prior to WWII, releasing Alexx and bringing in former Elevate member Zach 'Zed' Denyer for the foreseeable future. When asked about the move, Niall commented on the fact that the squad needed a better balance, and that Zed will be the extra piece they need in order to have success in the upcoming installment.
"After champs we were faced with the dilemma of sticking as a 4 and build upon our recent events together or if we should make a change, ultimately the choice came down to where we saw the best chance of success going into WWII. This led us to make a change for Zed, adding Zach to the team is our way of balancing our team composition as before we had predominantly AR players within the team and with this change we hope to increase our chances of success. We all are looking forward to getting into the next game from the get go and grinding as hard as possible as a team, striving to improve on the past results we've had while in Infused."
x At the time of writing, it is unknown where Alexx will be headed, or if he has any proposed teams or competitors lined up. Infused Call of Duty
  •  Zach 'Zed' Denyer
  •  Deleo 'Zerg' Devitt
  •  Nick 'Nolson' Nolson
  •  Niall 'Niall' Sunderland
Image: Joe Brady