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Infinity Ward Working on Synaptic (Skinny Bot) Fix

There has been an update from Infinity Ward’s Ashton Williams regarding the Synaptic character in Infinite Warfare.

Launched at the end of 2016, the latest Call of Duty title has received tough criticism from players over glitches in the game.

One claim by a number of professional players is the hitboxes and size of the Synaptic player character, commonly known as Skinny Bot, are not in line with other characters.

The robot looking model has visually slimmer limbs and body in comparison to the other multiplayer characters, leading professional players to claim it provides an advantage to a player using it.

Whilst an issue with the character has never been officially confirmed by Infinity Ward, a Tweet exchange appears to have confirmed there will be a fix coming soon.


Fariko owner Alexander ‘Brianiac’ Korf Tweeted at community manager Ashton Williams regarding the matter, receiving the response they’re aware of an issue and are working on it.

At present it’s not clear what exactly is being changed, but we have reached out to Ashton for comment regarding the Tweet.


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