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Infinite Warfare Continuum DLC Now Available on Xbox One and PC

The second DLC Pack for Infinite Warfare, Continuum, is now available on Xbox One and PC.

With the period of PlayStation 4 exclusivity coming to an end for this DLC, players on other platforms will now be able to purchase the most recent expansion to Infinite Warfare. As is typical for DLC packs, Continuum contains four multiplayer maps and one new Zombies experience.

Multiplayer maps:

  • Turista – Set in a spa and resort, Turista is a vibrant map offering a mix of close-quarters and long-range combat through a variation of indoor and outside areas
  • Scrap – a moon-based map featuring some interesting ways of using gravitational shifts to gain a vantage point
  • Excess – Excess is a re-imagining of Rust, a classic small Modern Warfare 2 map with a towering structure at its centre.
  • Archive – set in a futuristic art gallery, Archive contrasts fast-paced interior battles with wider external lanes, offering options to all styles of play


Zombies – Shaolin Shuffle

The latest addition to the Infinite Warfare Zombies storyline, Shaolin Shuffle places players within a 1970’s-era New York, as always fending off the undead horde. This time, players will be able to unlock four kung-fu fighting styles to dismantle the zombies up-close, each with its own unique combat moves.



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