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Archive • Apr 29, 2018

Incredible Generosity of the Gaming Community Raises Huge Amount of Money For Charity - Ninja, Dr Lupo and More

The annual charity event 'Gamers for Giving' organized by Gamers Outreach is taking place over the weekend of April 28th to 29th, and streamers, pro players and fans have already raised a huge amount for the cause after day one. This years event is the tenth anniversary of the charity event, monies raised from which go toward supporting children in hospital, primarily with the popular gaming 'go-karts', which provided console access to wards. In addition to Gamers for Giving, other streamers, largely the Fortnite community, have been raising money for St Jude's children's hospital. So this weekend is a big one for charity, from professional players like Counter-Strike player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, to the most popular Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, all getting involved. Gamers for Giving are hosting a live LAN event in Michigan, which is live streamed on Twitch, and lots of popular streamers are in attendance doing their bit. Some games developers, including PUBG devs PUBG Corp., have in the past matched donations to the cause themselves, and others such as s1mple have donated their prize winnings from tournaments. Currently, after day one, the website claims the total raised sits at $324,611 at the time of writing. x For St Jude's Children's Research hospital, the #Clips4Kids event is happening, and streamers including Ninja, TimTheTatMan, Dr Lupo are all involved. In total, they have also raised over $300,000. Winning games, getting kills with certain weapons and more all mean more money to the charity. Both of these events will be continuing over the weekend of April 28th-29th, and you can find more information below. Gamers Outreach - "Gamers for Giving" GuardianCon "Clips4Kids" - St Jude's Hospital x