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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Incredible Concept Designs at How CS:GO Skins Would Look on Jordans, NMDs and Yeezys

The sneaker industry continues to grow worldwide as fanatical buyers snatch up the latest designs produced by the likes of Adidas and Nike. Yeeyzs, Jordans and NMDs have never been more popular and with insane resale values that are often five to ten times higher than the original price, the demand is higher than ever.

With plenty of different designs coming out on what appears to be a weekly basis, one sneaker fan has decided to create some concept art using weapon skins from popular PC shooter, Counter Strike Global Offensive. Much like the world of sneakers, the rarity of a weapon skin in CS:GO can determine its value between pennies and tens of thousands of dollars, with the record standing at over $60,000 for one particular AWP skin.

So what happens when you mix sneakers and CS:GO together? It turns out you get these incredible concepts with Red Astor on top of Yeezy Boost 350's, Point Dissaray on Jordans and a Primal Saber on NMDs. The concepts were created by Chris Le, a talented gfx artist who created the skins originally for CS:GO weapons before transferring them to the sneakers.

Unfortunately for everyone who's hoping to get their hands on these lovely designs, unless you get our your paintbrush or pay someone to paint a blank pair, this is likely to remain just a set of images.

Source - Clegfx