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Archive • Jan 13, 2018

iJustine on Attending CES "I had multiple people at various booths ask if I too filmed dead bodies for my channel."

The controversy surrounding Logan Paul's decision to upload a video featuring the body of a suicide victim in Japan continues to have an impact. The American YouTuber hit headlines across the world after he was called out for uploading the footage to his 15 million subscribers on the video sharing platform.

Logan Paul has since announced he will be taking a break from uploading, and YouTube has condemned his actions in a statement where they announced they had cut business ties with the popular personality. However according to another YouTuber, iJustine, their response just isn't enough, after she claims to have been asked on multiple occasions at the CES tradeshow if she filmed dead bodies for publicity.

iJustine posted on Twitter on January 12th explaining the situation.   x