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Archive • Nov 18, 2016

IEM Oakland CS:GO Group Results & Playoff Bracket

ESL-IEM-Oakland-Groups-Results-Playoffs Image Source: ESL The group stage at the Intel Extreme Masters in Oakland has finished for CS:GO as 12 teams have been whittled down to 6 for the playoffs. Taking place between November 16th and 17th, the group stage featured two sets of 6 teams, with 3 advancing to the playoffs. The winner of each group was also awarded a direct route to the semi-finals. As an extra incentive to compete even if mathematically ruled out of advancing, teams were awarded $1,000 for each win.

In a tournament that was filled with surprises, the Danish squad of Astralis topped Group A with 4 wins and 1 loss, narrowly beating the equally impressive Brazilians of Immortals due to the head to head record. G2 esports followed the pair out of the group with a 3-2 record as Team Liquid and NAVI failed to make it out with only 2 wins out of 5. The Chinese squad of TyLoo finished dead last with a 0 wins and 5 losses. Meanwhile in Group B it was another shocked result as the mixed European squad of FaZe Clan topped their group with 5 wins and no losses. The current major holders of SK Gaming came in second alongside NiP, both holding a 3-2 record. That result meant more disappointment for North American fans as Cloud9 placed 4th and 5th alongside the Danish squad of Heroic with 2 wins and 3 losses. The European's of mousesports finished in last place with 0 wins and 5 losses. SK Gaming will play G2 in the first quarter final game with the winner advancing to play Astralis. On the other side of the bracket the winner of Immortals and NiP will play FaZe Clan. -
Group A
1.  danish Astralis 4-1 79-50 +29 12p
2.  brazil Immortals 4-1 85-69 +16 12p
3.  france G2 Esports 3-2 65-64 +1 9p
4.  USA Team Liquid 2-3 64-63 +1 6p
5.  CIS Natus Vincere 2-3 62-75 -13 6p
6.  china TyLoo 0-5 49-83 -34 0p
1.  Europe FaZe Clan 5-0 83-43 +40 15p
2.  brazil SK Gaming 3-2 72-61 +11 9p
3.  sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-2 62-62 0 9p
4.  USA Cloud9 2-3 73-73 0 6p
5.  danish Heroic 2-3 55-72 -17 6p
6.  Europe mousesports 0-5 46-80 -34 0p
Quarter Finals
  • brazil SK Gaming vs france G2 Esports
  • brazil Immortals vs sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
Semi Finals
  • danish Astralis vs brazil SK or france G2
  • Europe FaZe Clan vs brazil Imm or sweden NiP


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