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Archive • May 01, 2017

ICE_Poseidon Permanently Banned from Twitch After Being Swatted on a Plane


The IRL (In Real Life) section of Twitch took a huge hit over the last weekend of April 2017.

Paul 'ICE_Poseidon' Denino regularly pulls in ten to fifteen thousand viewers when he streams from his home and out in public, using a Go-Pro setup connected to an iPad.

Due to his popularity, the streamer is often subject to pranks by his viewers, including calling nearby shops to claim he's a terrorist and setting off fire extinguishers in the middle of restaurants he's in. The latest incident has resulted in his channel being suspended by Twitch, after a viewer called in a bomb threat on a plane he was flying on when streaming on April 28th. The viewer prank lead to a full-scale search of the aircraft by armed police and the removal of ICE_Poseidon in front of the other passengers. - The situation was so big that it made national news across the US, with a number of television networks covering the story, including interviews with the streamer. Youtube channel 'ICE_Poseidon Highlights' released a video complete with footage from TV as well as the popular personality discussing what happened and the potential repercussions. - The decision by Twitch to ban his channel has divided opinions due to a lack of policy surrounding the leaking of a streamers location. A number of other IRL streamers have blasted the platform for its failure to protect one of their biggest stars of the section. A video was released by ICE_Poseidon on his Youtube channel on April 30th to explain the situation further, confirming that he had indeed received a permanent ban from Twitch for showing his location.
More Entertainment: The streamer talks about being a guinea pig for the IRL section and that he feels used due to the lack of communication regarding his broadcasts. Despite the ban, he has said that he's going to continue streaming and will take his streams to Youtube, promising to grow and maintain his fanbase and continue to do 'weird shit'. He also confirmed he will be going through the appeal process in order to get his Twitch channel unbanned.


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