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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

Esports Commentator HughZ Shares a Very Personal Life Update

Smite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster, Alexander 'HughZ' Hughes, has opened up about a condition he suffers from that affects his weight, and how he is attempting to return to a healthy place. HughZ is an Australian caster who has previously managed the professional Smite teams of Citadel Gaming, Twistys, and Eeyore. He began his casting career in February of 2015, and has since diversified into CS:GO. The caster has long been battling a condition that affects his weight and has now taken steps to combat it further. On the 1st of October, he shared on his Twitter a TwitLonger, where he had explained why he had been in the hospital and what it means for him.

The post began by explaining his condition. HughZ stated that he had struggled with being overweight since puberty, and in 2011 found that he had a condition called Insulin Resistance. This condition inhibits the body from using fat for energy, and therefore the body retains much more of that fat.

He said his family had helped him attempt to combat this, but he only ever achieve a more stable weight, never being able to lose any.
''For most of my life, basically since puberty, I have struggled with being overweight. Me and my family found out in 2011 that I have a condition called Insulin Resistance.'' ''Me and my family have tried a number of ways to combat this: low GI diets, personal training, weight watchers, protein only diets, jenny craig etc etc you name it we tried it. None of these worked (obviously) and then best I ever achieved was keeping my weight stable but mostly it just increased.''
He admitted it had negatively affected his life in many ways, but remained hopeful, as it may soon be changing. x Read More: x  HughZ's father is a doctor and has been searching for ways that he might help his son. He met with a gastric surgeon and they discussed a new procedure called gastric sleeving. The procedure sows a part of the stomach shut, a quicker and less painful version of gastric banding. With a smaller stomach, the patient cannot ingest as much food and this helps reduce the amount of fat that can be produced. HughZ revealed he had undergone the procedure on the 27th of September and is hopeful of the results, even though he is in a lot of pain.
''This procedure they say usually results in about 20% weight loss but I'm hoping to go even beyond that til I can get to a very healthy me. It's still gonna take a lot of effort on my part, and the pain of the last few days has not been pleasant.''
He looks now to the future where he aims to continue attending events, and improve his health. He invited his followers to join him on the next stage of his journey.
''I'll still be attending PAX and (hopefully) SWC (looking at you Hi-Rez) so nothing in that area should change too much but I will be triggered looking at all your delicious food posts for the next few weeks :P Mainly the biggest change will hopefully come in my appearance and health. I was a bit apprehensive about posting this, not knowing what people will think but I think I want you all on this next stage in my journey with me.''
His followers rallied behind him and offered their support, wishing him well and a speedy recovery.
Image credit: Respawn Ninja

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