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Archive • Dec 05, 2017

Huge Shakeup in the European CoD Pro Points Rankings Ahead of CWL Dallas - December 5th

The European Call of Duty Pro Points standings heading into CWL Dallas have received a huge shakeup after an upset riddled CWL 2K tournament on December 3rd/4th. When a new game is launched at the start of a new Call of Duty game, there's a battle to accrue as many CoD Pro Points as possible in order to avoid facing the Open Bracket at the first event of the season. The Call of Duty WWII season has started out with four online CWL 2K tournaments ahead of the first event, CWL Dallas, one month after launch. British teams have dominated the CoD Pro Points across the previous seasons, but there looks to be something of a renaissance happening in the French CoD scene. Read More: x The final CWL 2K before Dallas featured two French teams in the final, and as a result it's caused something of a shakeup in the rankings as of Tuesday December 5th. For the first time in what feels like a very long time, the top six teams consists of only three British teams, with the French sides Vitality and Supremacy in 3rd and 4th respectively, whilst the Spanish side of Giants sits in sixth. Although it currently doesn't make any difference because CWL Dallas pools have been decided, the pressure will be on for the top British teams to ensure they play well at the $200,000 event between December 8th and 10th. x

European Pro Points Standings - Tuesday December 5th

Please note: Rosters subject to change.
Position Team Roster Pro Points Progression
1 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Splyce Bance, Jurd, Tommey, MadCat 25 060 =
2 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Red Reserve Joshh, Rated, Joee, Zer0 21 235 =
3 Fr-france-drapeau Team Vitality Riskin, Wailers, Malls, Zayrox 20 115 +1
4 Fr-france-drapeau Supremacy Vortex, Eazy, TonyJs, Dynastie 13 885 +7
5 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Unilad Moose, Skrapz, Wuskin, Seany 13 680 -2
6 Es-espagne-spain Giants Legend, Machette, Yako, Tojor 13 185 +3
7 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Epsilon Hawqeh, Dqvee, Insanatised, Vortex 13 090 -2
8 Belgique-drapeau-belgium Overtime Denz, Dean, Duel, Nevo 11 820 -2
9 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Infused Niall, Zerg, Nolson, Defrag 11 805 -1
10 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau exceL Desire, Alex, Zed, Qwiker 11 745 +9
11 Es-espagne-spain Movistar Riders Punisher, Sammy, Peluka, Stylexx 11 635 -4
12 Fr-france-drapeau BC Brotherhood (not official) Kammyz, mAxxie, SLG, Zeek 10 240 -2
13 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Braaain (not official) Revolt, Braaain, Insight, Weeman 10 055 +2
14 Es-espagne-spain Team Heretics Pabloo, Methodz, Lucky, EnvdiaN 9 985 -2
15 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Renegades Shane, Reedy, SunnyB, Watson 9 915 -2
16 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Millenium Gunshy, MarkyB, Peatie, Urban 9 175 =
17 Fr-france-drapeau RedWorld Gaming Xenon, Sami, Atlas, Gabi 8 880 -3
18 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Enduraaa (not official) Enduraaa, SamB, Creza, Cammy 8 505 *NEW*
19 eu-europe Frost Dragons Shukz, Yohanson, Swift, Luke 8 295 +4
20 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Subsist (not official) Revolt, Subsist, Amar, Colgate 7 980 -2
21 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Benji Dreal, Benji, Carbines, Verdict 7 535 *NEW*
22 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Xela (not official) Briggs, Melon, Curious, Xela 7 190 -2
23 Fr-france-drapeau Supremacy.Academy (not official) Carbon, Staan, Senka, Hosterz 7 115 *NEW*
24 De-allemagne-germany-all-drapeau dZResurges (not official) Cookie, Sharko, Fabio, LaVidaTiger 7 040 -3
25 Finlande-drapeau-fin FCL Menace Juunaz, Eyedi, Pahizz, Gefkid 6 690 -1
26 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Barrage Snake, Wizard, TheJDS, Beep 6 670 -4
27 nl-pays-bas UnderWorld Zeno, Jambo, Monk, Madara 5 965 +1
28 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Agon (not official) Agon, Zxmbie, McGee, Pascoe 5 890 +1
29 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Fallon (not official) Fallon, Kirk, Parksy, Drowz 5 885 *NEW*
30 De-allemagne-germany-all-drapeau Eraiize Matix, Paaqz, Vokado, Paca 5 820 -5
31 Fr-france-drapeau Timeless (not official) Sayko, Muscova, Heatz, Slyzh 5 460 -4
32 De-allemagne-germany-all-drapeau Team Impact Ersin, Kivi, Stelios, GunElite 5 070 -2
33 Belgique-drapeau-belgium Game Fist Bowster, EbbxR, Pappii, Featry 5 040 -2
34 Fr-france-drapeau Team LowAn (not official) LowAn, Kirby, Logan, Husky 5 035 *NEW*
35 De-allemagne-germany-all-drapeau Team Piero Piero, Primee, Sxsch, TPiece 4 830 -2

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