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Archive • Apr 28, 2018

Houston Outlaws Bring Out Attack Torbjorn in Overwatch League

The Houston Outlaws tried an unconventional tactic during their offence on Numbani against the LA Gladiators. Seeing a team-mate bring out Torbjorn while you’re trying to escort the payload might be the worst nightmare of many casual players, but that didn’t stop the Houston Outlaws from attempting it at the highest level of Overwatch competition. While playing offence on Numbani against the LA Gladiators, Outlaws DPS player Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon switched to Torbjorn after the team successfully captured point A and proceeded to set up for the escort sections of the map. While on the surface it might seem somewhat ridiculous, the tactic that the Outlaws were attempting was clear. Also bringing Orisa, the team set up the payload with a turret sat behind the shield, clearly intending to advance around a deadly fortress on the objective. Unfortunately, the attempt didn’t quite go to plan. A quick dive for the Gladiators forced Houston away from the payload, and Torbjorn’s slow movement resulted in a quick death to a D.Va ultimate that he couldn’t evade in time. The attempt at Torbjorn was short-lived, with Jake ultimately getting little done with the hero and switching it out shortly. The efficacy of attack Torbjorn was summed up neatly in a post-map stat card, perhaps offering a lesson to viewers who might be fond of the Swedish engineer – even pro players can’t make attack Torbjorn work.
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment