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Archive • Dec 30, 2017

Hoax 911 Call Made by Suspect of Fatal Kansas Swatting Has Been Released

The audio for the hoax 911 call which allegedly resulted in the death of 28 year old man in Kansas has been released by Wichita Police. On Thursday 28th December 28 year old Adam Finch was shot by a police officer outside his home after police showed up in numbers at his address. It is reported that the police were only at the address due to a hoax call they had received claiming there was a homicide and hostage situation underway. Finch, who's address had been used in the hoax phone call, was not the intended target of the 'swatting', but rather his address had been given falsely by an individual in an online feud between two competitive Call of Duty players who had both threatened to ‘swat’ each other. One of the players provided an address to the other to test whether they’d actually put a hoax call in, and he passed those details onto a known swatter. A call was then made to the Wichita police department, claiming there was a hostage and homicide situation at the address given, but it turned out to be the home of Andrew Finch, rather than the player. Related: The suspected swatter was arrested in South Los Angeles and identified as Tyler ‘SWauTistic’ Raj Barris. The charges against him are currently unknown, however he has a previous conviction for swatting. Police have now released both footage of the shooting itself, along with audio from the calls made and received by the police, with whom they believed to be a resident at the Kansas address. There is a perceptible similarity in the voice in the video and voice of the individual whom Keemstar interviewed on his YouTube channel about the incident. The audio and video is disturbing and discretion is advised. x The family of Adam Finch has since setup a GoFundMe to support them with the funeral costs.