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Archive • Nov 22, 2017

Hilarious Skit Featuring CS:GO's Very Own X God

A hilarious skit of one of CS:GO’s most loved players Mikhail ‘Dosia’ Stolyarov - or the X God -  has been shared on Twitter, with the Russian player once again embracing the “X God” meme. The 29 year old rifler has been a member of Gambit since January of 2016 and his popularity has soared in the almost 2 years since. Referred to as a “sex god” by members of the community, Dosia decided to own the meme and even signed his signature as “Dosia X God” for the MLG Columbus Major in 2016. With the help of some brilliant marketing from Gambit Esports and some hilarious videos, Dosia’s role as the X God of CS:GO is now firmly in place. The majority Kazakh team recently attended the $300,000 IEM Oakland 2017 tournament where they achieved a 5th - 6th place finish after being eliminated by Cloud9 in the quarterfinals. Despite the disappointment, the World of Esports Twitter account recently shared a skit that shows Dosia still managing to enjoy himself in North America.     Dosia explains that his “sexy” Mustang has “a lot of space for ladies”, which of course is of great importance. The Russian star even lets viewers know that if they are lucky, they might get a ride in the car. Dosia’s ability to embrace and then own a meme that originally had a few negative connatations and a great deal of humor behind it is really quite inspiring. We look forward to the next one, X God. -